About Cyndi and Shirley

“Our mission is to increase joy and harmony in our community by creating the opportunity for everyone to sing regardless of ability.”

Cyndi Doell and Shirley Whitelaw come from singing families, where singing was a natural way of life. Cyndi grew up in Surrey BC, while Shirley came from rural Alberta. Both learned to sing at home from their parents, and both learned to play piano and guitar at a young age.  The two women met at a local choir in Nanaimo in 1997.

They have taken or sponsored singing workshops with Brian Tate, Tony Backhouse, Shivon Robinsong, Denis Donnelly, Eric Dozier, Edwin Coppard and others.

Because they believe that “singing is our birthright” and in the tranformational power of singing, they love to encourage and inspire others to discover and/or reclaim their voices, to express their own creativity, and experience the  joy of singing.

Cyndi and Shirley sing together as a duo, Denim and Diamonds, at senior’s homes in the Central Vancouver Island area and other venues. Cyndi C , as a solo act, accompanys herself on piano or guitar, singing originals and vintage folk, pop and country songs. They also sing with Howie James as Howie James and the Howelettes, at local venues, singing vintage swing, pop and country songs. http://www.howiejames.com/

Shirley retired in October/16. Cyndi is very capably directing both choirs.